Core Loss Tester

Core Loss Tester


Core Loss Testing provides a quick, efficient, and highly accurate method for determining losses found in the core of stators, rotors, and armatures. Core loss is a major cause of inefficiency in electric motors, second only to copper winding loss. The Core Loss Tester includes a Variable Reactance Transformer (VRT) with solid-state controls, a digital metering package, computer system, and test cables with quick connecting fittings.

  • 125 KVA-20HP TO 5000HP
  • Quality Core Loss Report With Each Job
  • Infrared Hot Spot Check With Each Job
  • Computer Printout Sent With Each Stator Test

The LEXSECO Core Loss Tester provides highly accurate, waveform-independent reading by utilizing a high-resolution flux, current, and power measuring devices for the core being tested. It also performs connection checks on rotors to ensure quality craftsmanship. The core loss tester is used on all stators, rotors and armatures during intake and outtake procedures at New Core.

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